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Classic Chinese Medicine

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world that covers a broad range of modalities such as acupunctureherbal medicinecuppingQigong, and Chinese massage or Tuina, among others. It is a holistic approach to disease treatment and prevention that examines the root cause of an imbalance that affects an individual's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

A TCM practitioner treats their patient's whole person, which means they take the mind, body, emotions and spirit not as separate parts but as an integrated whole.

What Are the Benefits of TCM?

Traditional Chinese Medicine can treat various health conditions using energy-healing techniques or herbal formulations. Chinese herbs like lingzhi, hawthorn, ginseng, cordyceps and orange peel are commonly used in TCM prescriptions as their potency addresses all conditions and fortifies the internal organs.

Like herbal Medicine, acupuncture, cupping, Qigong, and other energy modalities work on balancing the Qi that runs throughout the body's several meridians. Stimulating the chakras and meridians is vital in TCM to maintain the healthy flow of energy and prevent diseases.

A patient's tongue is the most essential tool of a TCM practitioner. It's all they need to see to make a diagnosis and recommend the appropriate treatment. That's why there's no reason to commute to a TCM practitioner's clinic for consultation, as you can have your tongue examined in detail through an online TCM session. 

The Zoom video chat platform is your shortcut to excellent health, whereby you can book an appointment with your TCM doctor and instantly receive the treatment you need in the comfort of your home.

How Does Online TCM Work?

For a successful online experience with a TCM practitioner, find a quiet room in your house free from distractions. The flow of your Qi along your energy pathways must be the only thing the practitioner should feel and hear about tracing the root of your health issue.

Next, download the Zoom app onto your computer, test your webcam and audio settings, and search for a qualified TCM practitioner in Australia. Once you've found one, thoroughly review their qualifications; if you like what you see, you may book an appointment with them.

What Can You Expect from Online TCM?

TCM is very popular these days because of its efficacy in treating all kinds of conditions and its affordability. You won't spend more than $100 on a week's Chinese herbs.

During your virtual appointment with a TCM practitioner, the latter will inspect your tongue for any yin and yang disharmony indicators. A pinkish language indicates balance and harmony, while a red tongue has white spots, a yellow coating, cracks or a red tip that could suggest a deficiency in the blood, Qi, yin, yang, or poor circulation. 

Each region of the tongue corresponds to a specific organ within the body. For instance, the tongue tip represents the heart. The centre connects to the stomach, and the innermost section to the kidneys. After examining your tongue, the practitioner can explain the underlying cause of your condition and how it can be treated.

Apart from receiving the proper treatment, you will also learn how to take much better care of your health before your online Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consultation ends. Your practitioner will happily recommend food and lifestyle habits promoting wellness and longevity.